We are excited to announce that we have changed the way we work with our plant distillates with exciting new plant extracts created by The Herball starting to come on line. We have invested in modern extraction equipment and new copper stills whilst setting up a new workshop to provide even more dynamic plant extracts, waters and oils.

We are now working on a smaller more sustainable scale to provide fresh hydrosols & extracts made to order, so we are excited to share two new hydrosols distilled for Tereza Stehíloková’s Journey to the Interior project

Coast Hydrosol is a limited edition, distillate capturing the essence of the coast line of Sussex, we have distilled seaweeds of kelp & nori, sea plants, (purple dew plant & sea purslane) with chalk and flint.

Inland hydrosol is a very special distillate of red clay / bay / rosemary / calendula / burdock root / dandelion root / wood ear fungi / nettle / cleavers / mugwort / wild fennel & bog myrtle.

We also still have the delicious polypharmic distillation of organic cinnamon (zeylanicum) from Sri Lanka in combination with organic Tulsi from India and the wonderful Persian black lime distillate. We also have a few single herb distillates.

Non-alcoholic water distillations of pure, hand harvested herbs and spices bottled with integrity, love and tradition in England. Our hydrosols capture the true essence of the plant material, rich and intense with the aromatic elements of the plants.

Hydrosols can be used internally and externally and are an essential addition to any kitchen or bar for adding natural flavour, scenting drinks, flavouring ice or even just invigorating a glass of water (add 5ml to a glass of water).

Note: Hydrosols are available in larger quantities please email for further information.



From: £5.50

Available in 50ml glass bottles.

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